EMS Round Table

Service Area 1A

In October 2016, the Bureau of Emergency and Trauma Services (BETS) created new service areas throughout the state for the purpose of fostering a coordinated effort among local partners to improve planning and response to time critical conditions. In doing so, they have combined grant funding from Hospital Preparedness (HPP), Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) and EMS System Development to be administered by each service area. These rules went into effect on July 1, 2017.

This page is dedicated to Service Area 1, and more specifically the 11 counties that make up Sub-Service Area 1A. Those counties are Adair, Audubon, Carroll, Clarke, Dallas, Greene, Guthrie, Madison, Polk, Union, and Warren. ( see map ). This page will be a central repository of documents affecting our Sub-Service Area and will be accessible to the public.


Current News

July 13th, 2017

The membership of Sub-Service Area 1A has been decided at our last meeting. Our directives from BETS indicate that we must involve EMS, EMA, hospitals and public health, and so the decision was made to allow one of each discipline to represent their county. This creates a 43 member executive committee (Warren County has no hospitals). The chair of the executive committee is Lynn Royer from Dallas County Public Health. Brenda McGraw, Mercy Hospital was elected as the vice chair. Our fiscal agent is Scott Slater from Polk County Public Health.

The new service area rules allow for the hiring of a full time position to coordinate our coalition efforts. Dallas County Public Health has agreed to be the hiring agency for this position. The job description is attached. The position will be funded from the combined pool of grant funds.

Organizational documents are out for review and will be voted on electronically in the near future.


Guidance Documents

There have been several coordinated efforts that led to the decisions for creating the service areas. In 2015, IDPH invited the American College of Surgeons, Committee on Trauma to do a review of Iowa’s trauma system. No review had been completed since its inception in 1995. IDPH also invited the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to do a review of Iowa’s EMS system. The Iowa System Standards subcommittee of BETS recently completed the Iowa EMS System Standards revisions. These and other documents, in addition to meeting minutes can be found below.